Preparing the Bait

A Bit About Us

Offering Extra Special Service

At Smith Bros. Baits, we’re driven by our dedication to offer quality personal service. We smile with pride every time we meet one of you, speak with someone on the phone or get a message saying how well their baits worked for them that day out on the lake.
Ever since we started making baits in 2019, we had one goal in mind: ensuring personal service, hand pouring quality baits along with making any variety of color you may want.  It may be an old bait your dad had, a picture that you saw somewhere or just a color you think might work, you send us a message and a picture or even mail us the bait, we're going to make it!  We pride ourselves on giving you a quality bait at a reasonable price, we aren't to sell you an overpriced bait that's mass produced, each bait you get is mixed, poured, counted and packaged by each one of us, the Smith's, Greg, Jennifer, Jake, Tyler and sometimes Chesney the Smith brother's sister. We want to thank all of our valuable customers who have supported us from the very beginning and even the new customers that we gain weekly so that we can continue to do the thing that we love.